Jake Steinmann
Broker of Record

Jake Steinman and Ryan Sagl: Shaking Up Toronto's Real Estate Game

Meet Jake Steinman. He started making waves in real estate back at CondoNow Inc., where he was the go-to guy for building game-changing connections with developers. Fast forward to today, he’s the brains behind Meta Realty Inc., transforming how we think about buying and selling pre-construction Homes and Condos.

Then there’s Ryan Sagl. After over a decade rocking the real estate scene with Remax, Ryan’s sharp eye for what makes people tick and his knack for crafting killer marketing strategies are second to none. He left the traditional path behind to team up with Jake, and together, they’re on a mission.

Enter Meta | DOTRealty Group. This isn’t just another venture; it’s the result of Jake and Ryan joining forces, blending their hefty experience (we’re talking nearly 30 years combined!) to create something truly special for Toronto. With www.toronto.condos leading the charge, they’re all about giving agents and clients a front-row seat to the best opportunities in the city.

What makes Meta | DOTRealty Group stand out? It’s simple: Jake knows the ins and outs of pre-construction real estate like no one else, and Ryan’s the master of making sure the right people see the right properties. Together, they’re not just making deals happen; they’re creating a community where agents thrive and clients smile.

Jake and Ryan are more than just leaders; they’re trailblazers committed to changing the game starting with Toronto Real Estate. Ready to dive into a world where your real estate career gets the boost it deserves? Jake and Ryan have got you covered.

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