Are you a forward-thinking, ambitious real estate agent, prepared to ascend to new professional heights?

Meta | DOTRealty Group is actively seeking self-driven individuals like you, ready to leave a profound impact on the real estate industry. By becoming part of our distinguished team, you not only join an industry-leading group, but you also set foot in an environment that places you a step ahead in the rapidly evolving real estate landscape.


Staying a Step Ahead with Cutting-Edge Technology and Digital Strategies:

In the swiftly changing landscape of real estate, we've positioned ourselves a step ahead by leveraging state-of-the-art technology and groundbreaking digital strategies. As a part of Meta | DOTRealty Group, you'll not just be keeping up with the industry's shifts, you'll be pioneering them.

AI-Powered CRM

Our AI-driven CRM intelligently determines lead priorities based on an array of factors such as home price, timeframe, contact accuracy, communication, and web activity. With this tool, it's like having a digital assistant available around the clock.

Robust Digital Marketing

We equip you with comprehensive digital marketing strategies, including pay-per-click advertising, social media marketing, video retargeting, and email marketing, ensuring effective lead attraction, engagement, and conversion.

Listing Promotion Services

Our omnichannel strategy guarantees your listings receive optimal exposure across all relevant platforms.

Expert Content Creation & Marketing

We create and promote premium blogs and content on your behalf, helping you establish yourself as a leading authority in your niche.

Automated Follow-Up System

Our sophisticated plans assist in nurturing and converting leads with a bespoke, automated follow-up system, maintaining a steady connection with potential clients.


With Meta | DOTRealty Group, you're not merely utilizing technology - you're embracing the future of real estate.

01 Platinum Pre-Construction Access & Unrivaled Developer Relationships:

Leverage our deep-rooted connections with top-tier developers and enjoy Platinum Pre-Construction Access to upcoming projects before they're available to the public. Offer your clients superior selections and incentives at the most competitive prices, showcasing your edge in the industry.

02 Access to Qualified Leads:

Through our robust lead generation system, expand your client network with ready-to-act buyers and sellers. Accelerate your career growth with more successful deals and a satisfied, growing client base.

03 Performance-Based Revenue Sharing:

At Meta | DOTRealty Group, we recognize and reward exceptional performance. We return a share of our office revenue to agents who exceed their Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), incentivizing and acknowledging your commitment and hard work.

04 Competitive Compensation Packages:

Choose from our team or brokerage model, both crafted to ensure fair and lucrative compensation for your efforts. Opt for more support and cost coverage with our team model, or enjoy the benefits of our resources while operating independently with our brokerage model.

05 Referral Program:

Your professional network is valued here. When you refer an agent to Meta | DOTRealty Group, we express our appreciation with a rewarding bonus.

06 Comprehensive Marketing Support:

Leverage our professional marketing team and resources to create compelling marketing materials. With our in-house curated blog posts and a strategic social media schedule, you can reach a broader audience and amplify your presence in the industry.

07 Minimal Monthly Fees:

We're committed to maximizing your profits. Our minimal monthly fees ensure that a larger portion of your commission stays with you.

08 Premier Training and Support:

We provide unrivalled training and continuous support, keeping you ahead of the curve in real estate trends and practices. Our seasoned professionals are always ready to assist you, ensuring excellence whether you specialize in pre-construction or resale Homes or Condos .

At Meta | DOTRealty Group, we promote a culture that seamlessly blends an professional work ethic with a rewarding and engaging environment. Our workspace fosters growth, celebrates success, and incorporates team events, flexible working conditions, and performance-based incentives for the perfect professional balance.

At Meta | DOTRealty Group, we believe that success is born from a blend of hard work, continuous learning, and shared enjoyment. Our culture promotes an atmosphere of high energy and achievement where we passionately pursue our goals, but we never forget the importance of celebrating our victories, both big and small.

We understand that our strength lies in our team — a diverse group of individuals who bring their unique insights and experiences to the table. We value each team member's contribution, fostering an environment of mutual support, collaboration, and respect.

Our commitment to continual learning encourages team members to grow their skills and knowledge, ensuring we stay at the forefront of industry trends and changes. In addition, we regularly recognize and celebrate individual and team successes, promoting a culture that motivates and uplifts.

However, at Meta | DOTRealty Group, it's not all work. We firmly believe in the importance of relaxation and personal time, promoting a healthy work-life balance. Regular team-building events, social gatherings, and fun activities form an integral part of our work culture, fostering strong bonds between team members.

Our mantra is simple: Work hard, play hard, and thrive together. If you're a driven individual who enjoys a dynamic, supportive, and fun work environment, we'd love to have you onboard the Meta | DOTRealty Group journey!


Our Team Culture


We value hard work and dedication, setting high standards for ourselves and our team. We strive for excellence and celebrate every win, big or small.Our culture fosters high energy, high achievement, and plenty of fun.


Our team is our greatest asset. We foster an atmosphere of mutual support and collaboration, where everyone's contribution is valued, and everyone supports each other.

Continual Learning:

We are committed to fostering an environment where every team member is encouraged to expand their skills, stay ahead of market trends, and become an expert in their field.

Work Hard, Play Hard:

We firmly believe in the balance of work and play. Our workplace is a hub for not just work, but also for team-building events, social gatherings, and opportunities for everyone to relax and build lasting relationships.

Inclusivity and Diversity:

Our strength lies in our diverse team. We welcome individuals from all backgrounds, recognizing that different insights and perspectives enrich our collective understanding and performance.


At the heart of everything we do is our clients. We aim to deliver personalized, stress-free, and superior real estate experiences.

"Meta | DOTRealty Group exists to revolutionize the real estate experience through specialized expertise, advanced technology, and an unwavering dedication to our clients. We are more than a company, we are a team where each member's contribution shapes our success. We strive for excellence, celebrating our achievements along the way, all while fostering a diverse, inclusive, and fun-loving work environment. Our mission extends beyond real estate; we aim to connect and positively impact our communities, serving them not only as real estate professionals but also as a source of communal enrichment."


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